innovative solutions

to suit

your needs

The outsource business solution

for the pharmaceutical sector.

Marketing and promotion 
Management of employees
through PromoPharma SA.
Product(s) of a single client.
Products of various clients
(up to 3), graduated fee structure.
Integration of employees
into management structure of client.
Distribution of products
through a partner company.
Fee for service, i.e. fixed rate
per working day and employee.
Fee per call.



It is about a purely Greek owned company established in 2007. Owing to its highly skilled and specialized staff and associates, it has in a short time been able to earn market's trust.

Trust, experienced staff and associates, integrity, and guaranteed result, are some of PromoPharma’s qualities that ensure a successful result and lead to long-lasting cooperations.

We provide flexible solutions from a wide range of services. We completely fulfill your expectations and goals.
We seek mutually win-win agreements.

we fulfill your expectations

by totally keeping-up

our agreements