Quality Policy

The capital value of PromoPharma SA has, within its operational-business activities, been the consolidation of the company as a reliable provider of goods/services that totally satisfy client’s demands and comply with the existing legislation.

 The Management of the Company issues the present Policy in order to state its absolute commitment to:

• A continuous striving for the provision of accurate and integrated solutions to clients

• Satisfy the demands and expectations of the clients

• Innovative new services/goods of high quality

• Adopting of fair practices

• Compliance with new legislative demands

• A continuous improvement of the effectiveness in functioning/operating of the company

With the aim of achieving the above mentioned, the Management has been planning, applying and continuously improving of an integrated System of Quality Management according to the demands of the International Standards ISO 9001:2015, the new standards of Quality Management, foreseeing that:

The company provides all of resources and means that required for the provision of designated quality of goods/services.

• The provided, well-meant and implicit, goods/services satisfy the demands and expectations of clients, as well as comply with the existing legislation.

• The quality of goods/services is consistent and always according to company’s internal standards or the standards accorded with clients.

• The working environment is suitable for company’s operation and complies with legislative demands.

• The working conditions, throughout company’s premises, are monitored for circumventing any occupational accident and hazard.

• The operation of company is, also, guided, by a frame that establishes and reviews of the targets related to goods/services and activities, as well as το effectiveness and efficiency.

• The present Policy is disseminated and understood within the company and on a yearly basis is being reviewed by the Management as to its compliance.


The duty of all involved staff in the running of the System, is not only to abide by the System, but, also, to actively contribute to its development with the aim to improving the quality, reduce the cost and increase customer satisfaction.

The General Manager, 10/10/2020